Noisy Neighbours?
Barking Dogs?
Traffic Noise?
Suffering from sleepless nights?

We’ll put an end to those sleepless nights quickly, with a minimum of fuss and at a price you won’t lose sleep over! Whether you need to keep sound out or protect your neighbours by keeping it in, we can control the problem, minimise conflict and maximise harmony with those around you by eliminating unwanted noise!

Recording & rehearsal studios
Entertainment & live music venues
Practice rooms
Vocal booths

Soundproof Solutions offers harmonious mix of sound containment, attenuation, direction and absorption strategies to ensure that the right people experience the right quality of sound exactly where it’s intended to be experienced without spill or leakage.

Our professional sound control capabilities range from reinforcing existing audio containment measures or designing and implementing a complete acoustic management solution for an entire network of rooms.

"Just call us the Noise Busters!"

Of course, it is possible to buy all the materials yourself and design and implement your own soundproofing - but unless you have a great deal of experience covering all varieties of building work, we’d advise caution!

Get it wrong and it won’t just mean the noise doesn’t go away - it could be extremely costly!